How To Get Free Website Traffic From Web 2.0 Website

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<img src="https://images41.fotki.com/v1661/photos/9/3940949/14715101/image10-vi.jpg" alt="website" title="Best Necklace Supplier in india - Makeinindiabeads (C) fotki.com" style="max-width:440px;float:left;padding:10px 10px 10px 0px;border:0px;">Different Type Of Web 2.0 Website

To take advantage from web 2.0 traffic you need to know three types of web 2.0 website available nowadays:

<b>- Online Libraries</b>

<u><strong>- Social Community</strong></u>

<b>- Online Journal</b>

Online libraries website is a type of website that contains collective information generated by the users. The example of this website is website this website also my secret weapon traffic sources that allow me to drive traffic to any of my website in less than 24 hours.

<b>How To Use This Website</b>

How to use this website? Simple, the first thing you want to do is to find low competition keywords. You can do this through Google keywords external for free or using paid service such as wordtracker.com

You want to aim for competition less than 100,000 websites. After you find such keywords let's say for example "panda training" providing you <a href="http://www.dead.net/member/bestwebhostingforbusiness">cpanel</a> are selling a guide on how to train panda, you can quickly write 200 words article submit it to Digg using your keywords as the main title and in 3 hours your Digg post will appear on top ten of <a href="http://Hararonline.com/?s=search%20engine">search engine</a> result for the searchphrases "panda training".

However, you must be not forget to also include a link to your product or service in the end of the article otherwise all of your works will be worthless.

<u><strong>Social Community</strong></u>

Social community is another popular web 2.0 website. An example of this type of website is MySpace. You can meet various people from different countries with same interest, same hobby, or same opinion. It's fairly easy to use. You just need to use the search feature to find people according to your criteria.

<b>Also MySpace has a lot of other fun and interesting features such as forum and games.</b>

<u><i>How To Market Your Business Through MySpace</i></u>

The first thing you want to do is adding as many people as you can that have an interest with your product. Maybe you are selling a guide about playing guitar, then you should add as many people as you can with an interest to guitar.

Then after you add some people you can start inform your friends through bulletin and blog. Write articles about various types of guitar or various ways to play guitar.

After quite a while you will be seen as an authority in your field, you can start market your product, or service. It may take sometimes for this method to work. I spent around 3 months to build enough loyal readers, but after the 3 months you will start collect some money and all of your effort will be paid off.

One of the best learning tools you will find is the 8 part video series “Social Traffic Explosion” This video tutorial will take you step by step through everything you need to know to become a successful traffic generator.

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